the latest in futuristic car design

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he streamlined Mazda concept car was shown at the Auto China 2008 show. Jackie Chan added Hollywood glamour to the event.
A model poses beside the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 which is the most expensive sports car in the world.
The Nissan Pivo2 resembles a bubble. But how do you wipe the windscreen?
A model stands next to a cream Renault Altica.
A woman wipes a Gwkulla, a battery-powered Chinese made Great Wall vehicle.
The cute Citroen Cactus is all chrome and white finish.
The silver Mazda is a far cry from the version you'll find in your local dealership.
The flame coloured Dodge Zeo Li-Ion Electric is displayed at the show in Beijing.
A model displays the Chrysler Hollywood.

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