Amazing pictures which capture the beauty of wildlife on the human hand

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Artist Guido Daniele has turned his hand to creating a wholly different style of painting.

Rather than working on canvas, he uses human hands to produce these stunning animals - like a Technicolor version of the "shadows on the wall" game.

Guido, from Milan, started working with living canvases in 1990, painting the bodies of models for advertising campaigns. Then he began specialising in hands.

The whole process takes anything from two to ten hours - and the models can't even twiddle their thumbs.
Amazing pictures
Stabled mate: An outstretched palm depicts the head of a brooding mare
Amazing pictures0
Snakes alive: Daniele painted the intricate scales of a slithering snake
Amazing pictures1
Lofty ambition: Beautiful giraffe design
Amazing pictures2
Parrot fashion: The vibrant hues of everyone's favourite feathered friend
Amazing pictures3
In the pink: Daniele's talent as an artist is really on show here in this majestic flamingo
Amazing pictures4
Branching out: A pair of hands were used to make up this magnificent tree
Amazing pictures5
The eagle had landed: Stunning attention to detail produced this beady-eyed bird
Amazing pictures6
Bird in the hand: But it took two of them to depict a predator in flight
Amazing pictures7
Nothing but a hound-dog: Man's best friend is looking down in the mouth
Amazing pictures8
Taking pride: A fist forms the king of the jungle

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