Top 10 RSS Feed Readers

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RSS (Really Simple Syndicate) feeds are a free, quick and efficient way to read news and weblogs. To read and get most out of feeds, you need to have a good feed reader, which allows you to customize, organize, search and catagorize articles. There are various feed readers available, web based as well as desktop clients. Here I have listed the top 10 feed readers.


1. Google reader:

Google Reader needs no introduction and it is one of the most commonly used RSS reader. Google Reader is a web-based reader for RSS and Atom news feeds. Google Reader is a decidedly simple yet very usable comprehensive web-based RSS feed reader. Your favorite items can be easily shared from within Google Reader.

2. FeedDemon:

FeedDemon is a powerful feed reader with options for customizing the way feeds are displayed in screen. The easy-to-use interface makes it a snap to stay informed with the latest news and information. You can completely customize the way feeds are organized and displayed. The software is pre-configured with dozens of feeds, so you can unleash the power of RSS right away.

Price: 29.95 $
Check out the review of FeedDemon

3. NewzCrawler:

NewzCrawler is a rss/atom reader, news aggregator, browser and blog client for Windows which provides access to news content from various sources:

* Syndicated news given in XML-based formats (Atom, RSS, RDF, BackSlash etc.)
* Usenet (NNTP) newsgroups.
* Web pages (HTTP).

NewzCrawler has a highly useful interface and lots of features and it also lets you post to blogs. NewzCrawler is not a freeware and it cost 24.95$.

4. Omea Reader:

Omea Reader is a free and easy to use RSS reader, NNTP news reader, and web bookmark manager. It's fast, it aggregates, and it keeps you organized.
Other features are:

* lightning-fast desktop search
* flexible information organizer
* contextual access, and quick extensibility
* Browser Integration
* Subscribe to feeds, directly from your browser

5. Bloglines:

Bloglines is a great, web-based way to read RSS feeds. Bloglines is an online service and there is no need to download any software. Features are;

* Bloglines is user friendly.
* News items can be emailed and blogged easily
* Bloglines lets you organize feeds with folders and playlists.

Customizing feeds is not possible with Bloglines and also is does not have a 3 panel display

6. Blog Navigator

Blog Navigator is a sophisticated RSS feed reader that has lot of power inside it. It can search folders and offline article archiving.

* Blog Navigator lets you read blogs and news in a readily efficient manner
* You can flag articles and save them for later in "baskets"
* Blog Navigator's search folders can look for matching items in your subscriptions or on the web

Price: 19.95 $
Blog Navigator is a Stardock product

7. SharpReader

SharpReader is a great RSS feed reader to organize news and blogs. SharpReader threads articles and puts news in context and also integrates Feedster searches in a nice way. Sharp reader also lets you organize feeds in folders. Sharp reader does not allow flags or labels in feeds. There is no support for virtual folders and statistics based filters.

8. NewsGator Online

NewsGator Online Services make your RSS feed follow you. NewsGator Online is a free RSS reader service. Using intelligent subscription and item synchronization, you can read news on the web, via POP email, on a mobile device or in NewsGator for Outlook. NewsGator Online Services web edition lacks a bit in features and functionality. There is also no IMAP access to the email edition of NewsGator Online Services.

9. BlogBridge

BlogBridge is a powerful free feed reader with OPML support, synchronization and user-friendly interface. High level of customization, plug-ins and smart content processing. Blog Bridge runs both on Windows and Linux platforms.

10. FeedLounge

FeedLounge supports importing (and exporting) OPML files from popular feed readers like BlogLines, NetNewsWire. Other features of FeedLounge are;

* Rich Client Experience
* Full Keyboard Control
* 3 pane interface
* Cross-browser Support

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