The Rave Massage Chair

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It's not going to win major points from me for design but the Rave massage and music chair has other things to recommend it. It has four pre-programmed massage sessions, each running 15 minutes with automatic shutoff.
The Shiatsu acupressure and Swedish massage techniques can be adjusted by intensity, width, speed and direction offering deep kneading, tapping, rolling, spot and partial massages. It also has built-in storage for an iPod or MP3 player with the bass notes synchronized to the vibrations. There are two dynamic, full-range speakers mounted in the back and a music jack in the arm storage compartment. The consumer can plug-in so the music will play right through the chair. When the massage is operating and music is playing, the massage will be synchronized to the beat of the music. It comes in black, brown, gray, green or red and sells for $899.

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