Pigasso: The little oinks making a splash in the art world

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With modern art fetching such astronomical prices these days, you can't blame a guy for trying to cash in.
Careful contemplation: The piglets consider their artistic approach as they put paint to paper

Staff at Pennywell Farm in Buckfastleigh, Devon, have taken a novel approach to fundraising as they turn their pigs into painters.

Their miniature pigs have been creating works of modern art which sell for up to £16 each and have so far raised more than £150 for the Farm Crisis Network charity.

Farm owner Chris Murray feels the work of their enthusiastic piglets' snouts and trotters could stand alongside notable works of "messy" art such as that by world-reknowned Jackson Pollock.
The little piggies get to work creating their 'work of art'

He said: "The pigs tended to go more for pointilism - they weren't too keen on cubism. We think of them as our little Pigassos."

Trotters Independent Painters began their career by accident when the piglets broke loose at a craft fair at their home, and began investigating tins of non-toxic paint with their snouts and trotters.
The end result: Comparable to a Pollock?

Piggy Painters: Van Snout and his pal Bottabelli

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