World's Most Expensives

The most expensive hotel to construct in the world?

The Emirates Palace Hotel on the Abu Dhabi Corniche is the world’s most expensively constructed hotel. So, if you wish to feel like a king or queen if only for a night, this is the place to stay.

The hotel cost more than $3,000,000,000.00 to build, that's three billion dollars for those of you that can't count all the zeros.

It is adorned with golden flagpoles, golden chandeliers and golden finials on its rooftop domes along with 1,002 swarovski crystal chandeliers. With your stay, you will enjoy not only the décor but also the 12 restaurants and about a mile of private beach.

The rates for a nights stay for the modest rooms begin at $773. On the other hand, the palace suite features a living room, dining room and three bedrooms with a touch-screen remote control in the bedroom for as much as $11,200.00 per night.

The Emirates Palace Hotel

The most expensive soccer player in the world?

If you love keeping up with what is going on in the world of sports then this bit of information should be included.

France’s Zinedine Zidane was transferred from Juventus to Real Madrid on July 9th, 2001.
The transfer fee is the highest ever quoted for a transfer of a soccer player at 13,033,000,000 Spanish pesetas or £47 million.

Now that is sports trivia you do not see every day!

Zinedine Zidane

The most expensive bikini in the world?

Susan Rosen, in cahoots with Steinmetz Diamonds, created a bikini that model Molly Sims wore for the centerfold of the 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

The bikini features over 150 carats of D Flawless diamonds, including a 51 carat D Flawless Pear Shape, a 30 carat D Flawless Emerald Cut, a pair of 15 carat D Flawless Rounds and a pair of 8 carat D Flawless Pear Shapes all set in platinum.

Your cost, should you wish to purchase the bikini, a glittering $30 million, model not included.

Molly Sims In The $30 Million Bikini

The most expensive flower in the world?

In Guangdong, China the Shenzhen Nongke Group, involved in agricultural science research, grew an orchid in 2005.

It was quite an ugly orchid, but an anonymous buyer at an auction would probably disagree with us as he or she bid 1.68 million yuan for the ugly orchid.

SO just how much is 1.68 million yuan? It's roughly $202,000.00 USD and that's just how much the world's most expensive flower sold for.

The World's Most Expensive Flower

The most expensive toilet in the world?

Does anyone remember the hands free outhouse? Well, today to get a hands free toilet with many luxury features you will have to dish out around $5,000 to $5,200. Toto, the world’s largest Japanese toilet maker, created the Neorest toilet.

The features of the Neorest toilet include a warm air dryer, catalytic air deodorizer, heated seat, oscillating spray massage, and a front- and back-aerated warm-water spray. It is environmentally friendly and only uses 1.2 gallons of water for every flush.

A visit to many office buildings in Tokyo will give you an idea of just how popular this hands free toilet really is.
It looks to us that Toto got their hands dirty so you won't have to.

The Neorest Toilet

The most expensive hotel room in the world?

Planning to travel to the Bahamas? Better take all your credit cards with you.

One night in the Bridge Suite at the Atlantis Resort will set you back $34,000.00 USD. Since check-in is at 2 PM and check-out at 11 am, 1 hour of bliss will cost you $1691.00.

Bridge Suite at the Atlantis Resort

The most expensive film in the world?

If you look purely at production cost King Kong (2005) edges out Superman Returns (2006) by a paltry $3 million USD.

The tab for King Kong ran $207 million while Superman Returns lightened investors wallets by only $204 million.

If you factor in inflation then War and Peace (1968) blows away the competition, costing the equivalent of $560 million 2005 dollars while Cleopatra (1963) comes in a distant second at $286 million 2005 dollars.

War and Peace took 7 years and $100 million to produce.

King Kong (2005)

The most expensive movie actress in the world?

Word around Hollywood is Reese Witherspoon is now the most expensive actress in Hollywood. Reese will star in the new horror film, Our Family Trouble and gross a whopping $29,000,000. She now leads the board and puts Julia Roberts in second place for her $24,000,000 for Mona Lisa Smile.

Reese Witherspoon was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but was raised in Tennessee. She is now 29 years old and has been acting seen the age of 15.

She does nothing but amaze us with her career and her accomplishments winning “Best Actress” for her role as June Carter in Walk the Line on March 5, 2006.

Reese Witherspoon

The most expensive house in the world?

London's Kensington Palace Gardens also know as 'Billionaires Row' is the site of the most expensive house in the world.

Lakshmi N Mittal, one of the richest people in the world bought the mansion from Bernie Ecclestone in 2004 for about $10 million USD per bedroom for a grand total of $128 million USD.

Hearst Castle in California was built in the 1920's - 30's for William Randolph Hearst at a cost of about $30 million USD, which would equal just under $280 million USD today.

Most Expensive House

The most expensive jeans in the world?

APO jeans are creating the most expensive and exclusive jeans in the industry. These jeans cost $1,000 for men’s or ladies jeans with silver buttons and rivets, $1,500 for men’s or ladies jeans with white or yellow gold button and rivets, $3,250 for men’s or ladies jeans with platinum button and rivets, and of course the most expensive are $4,000 men’s or ladies jeans with diamond button and rivets.

Along with each pair of jeans comes an authenticity number and an appraisal sheet from a top jeweler from the New York diamond district.

Wonder what every woman will want for Christmas this year - designer jeans with gemstones.

APO Jeans

The most expensive bra in the world?

Well, we showed you the longest bra so how about the most expensive.

Every year Victoria's Secrets offers a one of a kind creation from Mouawad's.

The bras are made from thousands of diamond with usually on very large diamond in the center.

The 2002 version called 'Red Hot Fantasy' contains 1,300 diamond and rubies valued at an whopping $15 million USD.

We could not find a picture or the $15 million creation so here is the next best one.

An $11,000,000.00 Bra

The most expensive ice cream in the world?

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream, is a very memorable statement, but with the price of the world’s most expensive ice cream not too many people will be able to enjoy the taste.

The Grand Opulence Sundae from Serendipity of New York City has the title of the World’s most expensive ice cream with a meal ticket of $1,000.00 per sundae.

The Grand Opulence Sundae is actually garnished with 23K edible gold. You may believe that this treat is one that can be purchased on rare occasion by only the rich and famous; however, Serendipity reports they sell one of these sundaes per month.

The Grand Opulence Sundae

The most expensive tie in the world?

Looking for a tie for father's day? Look no further, what father would not like to own the world's most expensive tie?

Created by designer Satya Paul for the Suashish Diamond group and displayed at a 2004 Mumbai fashion show by Salman Khan, the world's most expensive tie made it's debut.

The tie is made of pure silk and studded with 261 diamonds.

Price: Rs 1 crore.

OK, so what is a crore? Why, a crore is 100 lakhs, of course.

So what is a lakhs? A lakh is equal to 100,000 (in this case; rupees).

That makes the world's most expensive tie worth the following:

* 1 crore.
* 100 lakhs.
* $250,000.00 USD

Most Expensive Tie

The most expensive television in the world?

The most expensive television set is the “Yalos Diamond” TV.
It happens to be studded with 160 real diamonds weighing a glittery 20 carats.
This remarkable LCD television went on display at the IFA in Berlin beginning September 6, 2006.
If you really get a hankering to purchase one exactly like it then you had better be ready to shell out a whopping $130,000.

The Yalos Diamond TV

The most expensive watch in the world?

Chopard of Switzerland is renowned for luxury watches.

If you want the best of the best, the world's most expensive watch will set you back $25 million USD.

Studded with diamonds, the 3 focal point diamonds weigh in at 15, 12, and 11 carats.

A $25,000,000.00 Watch

The most expensive legs in the world?

Just one toe and you could retire. Michael Flatley, star of Riverdance had his legs insured in 1999 for 40 million USD.

If you came here looking for legs of the feminine variety, Heidi Klum of Germany holds the record for the most expensive legs. Her legs are worth just under 4 million USD, but due to a recent scar, their value has gone down significantly.

Heidi Klum

The most expensive shoes in the world?

In 2003 Harrods department store in London displayed the creation of Stuart Weitzman, a pair of shoes inspired by the shoes worn in 'The Wizard of Oz' by Judy Garland.

Woven with thread of platinum and studded with 642 rubies, the price tag on the world's most expensive shoes was a foot stomping $1.6 million USD.

In 2004 Stuart Weitzman did it again, creating the 'Cinderella Slippers' which boasted 565 platinum-set diamonds including one large 5 karat chunk of ice.

They were worn to the 2004 Oscars by Alison Krauss and can be yours for only $2 million USD.

The Cinderella Slippers

The most expensive stamp in the world?

In 1855 in Sweden someone goofed, printing a three skilling stamp on yellow/orange stock rather than green as it should have been.
It is not known how many were printed, but only 1 copy is known to exist.
In 1996 the 'Tre Skilling Banco yellow' was sold for $2,300,000.00

Tre Skilling Banco yellow

The world's most expensive computer game?

7 years in the making and over $20,000.000.00 in development costs the 1999 computer game Shenmue, created for Dreamcast by Sega has become the world's most expensive computer game.

Shenmue is a role playing game with built in mini games and at the time was one of the most realistic computer games on the market.

Shenmue is not for everybody. It's a game rich in story, visuals, and environmental stimuli, but light on overall game play. Fans of whodunits and RPGs will take quicker to the game's overall premise, but there is enough to please the casual gamer as well.

While Shenmue is revolutionary, the game is far from perfect. Regardless of its many shortcomings, though, Shenmue is an adventure worth experiencing - provided you have the time to invest.

Shenmue by Sega

The world's most expensive car?

Between 1927 and 1933 a total of 6 Bugatti Type 41 Royale cars were produced. MSRP at the time: about $42,000.00 USD.

In 1990 one of the Bugattis sold for $15 million USD in Japan.

Bugatti Type 41 Royale

The world's most expensive letter?

In 1991 a Beverly Hills company purchased a letter written by Abraham Lincoln on January 08 1863 for $748,000.00

The letter was written to Major General John Alexander McClernand defending the Emancipation Proclamation.

Here's the letter:

Abraham Lincoln
January 8, 1863

Executive Mansion,

Washington, January 8. 1863.

Major General McClernand

My dear Sir Your interesting communication by the hand of Major Scates is received. I never did ask more, nor ever was willing to accept less, than for all the States, and the people thereof, to take and hold their places, and their rights, in the Union, under the Constitution of the United States. For this alone have I felt authorized to struggle; and I seek neither more nor less now. Still, to use a coarse, but an expressive figure, broken eggs can not be mended. I have issued the emancipation proclamation, and I can not retract it.

After the commencement of hostilities I struggled nearly a year and a half to get along without touching the "institution"; and when finally I conditionally determined to touch it, I gave a hundred days fair notice of my purpose, to all the States and people, within which time they could have turned it wholly aside, by simply again becoming good citizens of the United States. They chose to disregard it, and I made the peremptory proclamation on what appeared to me to be a military necessity. And being made, it must stand. As to the States not included in it, of course they can have their rights in the Union as of old. Even the people of the states included, if they choose, need not to be hurt by it. Let them adopt systems of apprenticeship for the colored people, conforming substantially to the most approved plans of gradual emancipation; and, with the aid they can have from the general government, they may be nearly as well off, in this respect, as if the present trouble had not occurred, and much better off than they can possibly be if the contest continues persistently.

As to any dread of my having a "purpose to enslave, or exterminate, the whites of the South," I can scarcely believe that such dread exists. It is too absurd. I believe you can be my personal witness that no man is less to be dreaded for undue severity, in any case.

If the friends you mention really wish to have peace upon the old terms, they should act at once. Every day makes the case more difficult. They can so act, with entire safety, so far as I am concerned.

I think you would better not make this letter public; but you may rely confidently on my standing by whatever I have said in it. Please write me if any thing more comes to light. Yours very truly


The most expensive actor in the world?

The question should be what, not who, and the answer is a mouse. Stuart Little demanded a hefty price tag of $50,000 to $100,000 per four second shot to create.

According to Forbes from June 2004 to June 2005 Mel Gibson earned $185 million making him the most expensive actor to hire for a year. He ranked #3 of most expensive celebrities behind George Lucas and Oprah Winfrey.

In 1998 Jerry Seinfeld earned $267 million for his role in Seinfeld.

The most expensive actor in a movie can be disputed as many actors receive percentages of profits.

We believe Tom Cruise to be the most expensive actor. Although he did not receive a single penny as a salary, his 20% profit sharing for War of the Worlds (2005) will surely set the record.

The most expensive mobile number in the world?

Announced by the Kuwaiti News Agency, the world’s most expensive mobile number was auctioned for charity in Qatar on May 22 2006.

The number sold for 10m Qatari riyals or £1.5m. The number, would you believe, was 666-6666.

The auction was organized by national telco Qtel that has held two previous auctions and is planning on another one in September. In the beginning, there were eight individuals bidding on this unique number but it finally dwindled down to last souls.

The world's most expensive telephone number?

In April 2004 a man from China purchased 135 8585 8585 in an auction beating out 70 other bidders.

The winning bid was almost a telephone number in itself at $1,100,000.00 USD.

This broke the record for the world's most expensive telephone number set in 2003 when Sichuan Airlines, again from China, purchased 8888-8888 in an auction.

The most expensive zip code in the world?

For those in the back screaming 90210 please put your hands down, you're not even close. Beverly Hills 90210 comes in at 15th place according to Forbes for 2005.
The Most expensive zip code in America is 94027 which is Atherton, CA with a median house cost of $2,496,553.00 USD.
California actually takes the top four spots, so if you want to move there you'd better get your personal finances in order.
Here are the 25 most expensive zip codes for 2005:

1 94027 ATHERTON, CA $2,496,553

2 93108 SANTA BARBARA, CA $2,176,251

3 92067 RANCHO SANTA FE, CA $2,144,254

4 92662 NEWPORT BEACH, CA $2,046,577

5 11765 MILL NECK, NY $1,948,636

6 94957 ROSS, CA $1,910,263

7 89402 CRYSTAL BAY, NV $1,806,962

8 07620 ALPINE, NJ $1,773,880

9 89413 GLENBROOK, NV $1,765,000

10 07976 NEW VERNON, NJ $1,760,000

11 11568 OLD WESTBURY, NY $1,759,206

12 90402 SANTA MONICA, CA $1,749,834

13 10013 NEW YORK, NY $1,635,000

14 21056 GIBSON ISLAND, MD $1,626,000

15 90210 BEVERLY HILLS, CA $1,582,886

16 06831 GREENWICH, CT $1,573,755

17 33109 MIAMI BEACH, FL $1,505,655

18 94528 DIABLO, CA $1,452,500

19 94920 BELVEDERE TIBURON, CA $1,421,336

20 94022 LOS ALTOS, CA $1,392,522

21 92657 NEWPORT COAST, CA $1,391,710

22 92625 CORONA DEL MAR, CA $1,388,873

23 94946 NICASIO, CA $1,370,000

24 06878 RIVERSIDE, CT $1,348,653

25 90272 PACIFIC PALISADES, CA $1,329,856


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