Red Fort 1670s

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The Amar Singh gate

Jahangiri Mahal palace, built by Akbar for his favorite son

Jahangiri Mahal palace

Courtyard of Jahangiri Mahal

Fountain in the east courtyard overlooking the river

The eastern ramparts of the fort.

Khas-mahal palace and the Anguri Bagh gardens,
layed out during the reign of Shah Jahan

Carvings in the Khas-mahal palace

Muthammam-Burj tower, where Shah Jahan spent the last 3 years of his life - prisoner of his own son

View to the north from the tower

A pavilion in Macchli Bavan, which means "fish enclosure."
The emperor sat on a marble throne facing the fish.

Domes of Nagina Masjid mosque

Mothi Masjid courtyard, built by Shah Jahan for his family and court chiefs

Front elevation of Mothi Masjid courtyard

Mothi Masjid facade.

Diwan-i-am palace, where Shah Jahan heard petitions
from the public and met with officials

Diwan-i-am from a cloister to the south.
Note the domes of Mothi Masjid in the distance

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